You Say It First | Katie Cotugno

Oct. 9, 2020

Long distance has never looked so...realistic.

When Meg from the suburbs of Philadelphia rings up Colby, a boy from small-town Ohio, she was actually looking to speak to his dad to see if he needed help with his voting registration through the nonprofit she works at. One problem, his dad has been dead for a while now.

Of course, Meg apologizes, even if she needed to memorize the number from the system and leaves a message with her personal number. Soon enough, they learn more about each other, and they're drunk on the idea of sharing personal things they wouldn't even tell their own best friends.

They learn more about one another and through a trip each to the other's respective state, they need to decide whether they actually fit in a romantic relationship or not.

What I liked about this novel was that it was very realistic. Katie Cotugno found the balance between flawed characters and fiction, which admittedly, can be hard. Both Meg and Colby are flawed, but it's the story that keeps people reading. We want to know why Meg and Colby want to keep talking, and why they may or may not be a good match for each other.

I think one of the least realistic things was them visiting each other in the other's states. Of course, there was a lack of a strong parental system on both sides, but they really jumped the gun for those trips.

Overall, a very cute book! It has a bit of politics and long distance romance, and a lot of realistic fiction that we all need a taste of. Read it (and vote)!