I will NOT stop being political.

March 19, 2019

I will NOT stop being political.

I am a minority. I am a person of color living in the United States. Every day, someone like me is targeted because of the pigment present in their skin.

I am an ally. I am a friend to people of all sexualities and all genders. Every day, someone is targeted because of who they love or who they are.

I care for the environment. I am only sixteen, so God willing, I will have many more years on this Earth. Every day, the world is targeted because people believe that climate change is a myth in the fog.

There are countless issues to be addressed and one will waste their breath trying to say them all. However, I know this for sure: we must work to change this world, one day at a time.

I will not stop being political because someone tells me my ideals are not realistic. I'm sorry that we do not agree, but am I really sorry?

I am sorry that you are ignorant. I am sorry that you are narrow minded and have tunnel vision and you cannot help others. There are other people on the planet, you know. Your so-called brothers are not the only people in the world and they definitely do not have the moral compass everyone should be searching for.

Education is important in times like these. When someone is misguided, steer them into the right direction. If they are still in the same headspace, keep going until you make it right. Activate and be proactive in our communities. Let our voices be heard from the highest mountains to the bottom of the sea. Constantly others that we are here to make the world a better place. We are here to stay.

The word activist is a compliment, not an insult. Call me one, because that's who I am. I campaign for change, whether that be for racial, age, social, economic—you name it and the world most likely needs a wake-up call. In a perfect world, discrimination is eliminated. Guess what? Our world is far, far from perfect. It is leaning toward a dystopia than anything. These inequalities are the reason why we need to champion for the underdog, because in reality, we are all the underdog in one way, shape, or form.