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Sandhya Menon | Author Interview

Feb. 25, 2019

If you want to find a craftily made young adult book, you don't have to look too far. With her third book releasing in May 2019, Indian-American author Sandhya Menon has graced audiences of all races and ages with her beautiful plots and characters. She incorporates her stories with people who are like her, Indian-American boys and girls. I had the honor to interview her for this blog!

Q: Were there any difficulties trying ...

The Impending Thought of College

Feb. 3, 2019

It's all anyone can talk about these days, and honestly, the only thing I am able to talk about at all at this point.

Our guidance counselor came in a couple weeks ago, to remind us about the college process. As if I could forget that I need to take my SATs at least twice and ACTs are similar enough that if you didn't want to take it, that's okay. Make sure you get ...

There's Something About Sweetie | Sandhya Menon

Jan. 27, 2019

Sandhya Menon has done it again!

She returns with her third novel, There's Something About Sweetie, a companion novel to When Dimple Met Rishi, and it is oozing with cheesy goodness. It is highly anticipated after Bustle's website released a sneak peek, including the first chapter, in October 2018.

There's Something About Sweetie brings light to a new character named Sweetie Nair, a young track star with the record of being the second ...

Avonley Nguyen and Vadym Kolesnik of Team USA

Jan. 15, 2019

As an avid figure skating fan, it's almost a duty to keep up not only with the senior division of skaters, but also the upcoming generation, the juniors!

This season, I've had the chance to watch more junior single skaters as well as ice dance couples. One ice dance couple that I've enjoyed watching emerge is the American juniors Avonley Nguyen and Vadym Kolesnik, who come from Novi, Michigan. They are truly at their ...

When Dimple Met Rishi | Sandhya Menon

Dec. 29, 2018

What the world needs more is people of color representation and author Sandhya Menon is fighting to give the world just that. As an Indian-American young adult novelist, Menon wants to show off her creations of Indian-American characters based in situations that do not necessarily pertain to their culture. In other words, she wants to normalize Indian characters and I'm all for it.

Menon's first published book, When Dimple Met Rishi, features Dimple Shah, ...