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James Brandon | Author Interview

Oct. 20, 2019

James Brandon's debut novel Ziggy, Stardust, and Me is nothing short of love, life, and the spirit of being different. He tells the tale of two boys falling in love at a time where it's considered a mental illness. The protagonist, Jonathan, takes to his hero, David Bowie, to imagine of another reality, a reality where he can become whatever he'd like to be. Despite all this, he needs to be "fixed," and so Web ...

Harry Teardrop Interview

Sept. 17, 2019

You're going to want to listen to his songs over and over again once you press play. Harrison Li goes by the name of Harry Teardrop on the stage and he absolutely crushes it. Parts of his life gathers to form his career, from learning to play the guitar with his older brother to enrolling at New York University to study music production. Not only is he a very cool musician, he’s also a very ...

Sean Rabbitt of Team USA

Sept. 6, 2019

Sean Rabbitt ages like wine: keeps getting better with age.

His age isn't a hindrance to his progress as a figure skater, as he describes himself as a “late bloomer” in terms of skating. He is continuously motivated by his own expectations and by his fans and those around him. Despite any setbacks he may face, Sean pushes forward, no matter what. I really believe that I got to know Sean better through this ...

Emmy Ma of Team Taiwan

Aug. 26, 2019

Keep Emmy Ma on your radar.

She is a figure skater on the senior level, newly branded as a skater for Taiwan. Departing from the United States Figure Skating Association, she captures a new home within her family's country. Along with the new federation, Emmy is approaching a new playing field: college. With balancing her education and figure skating career, Emmy finds her sweet spot in falling back in love with skating. Even when ...

Emergency Contact | Mary H. K. Choi

July 23, 2019

This might be a question that only some generations can relate to but do you ever just have that one person that you have no idea who they are, but you have a streak with them on Snapchat? Or maybe a more universal example: do you have a friend that you have no idea how to describe how you became friends other than saying "it just happened" and that's it?

I feel like these ...